markozaniEleftheria Markozani is an employee of the Cultural Organization of the municipality of Nea Smyrni. Holding a Bachelor degree of International and European Studies and a Master degree on History of International Relations as well as being in the process of acquiring her second Master in European affairs with a specialization in International Cultural Strategies, Eleftheria Markozani has a directly related educational background with the European programs. During her studies, she has been occupied with several international and European issues such as the EU integration of Southeast Europe, the Political Islam, and the International relations of Culture and European affairs. Due to her work experience in the Cultural Organisation of Nea Smyrni, she is adept in organizing cultural, scientific and educational events and projects, as well as promoting the public engagement of the projects in which she is involved. She is also experienced in editing administrative, scientific and public reports and books. Moreover, she has a profound knowledge of EU institutions and public policies which she deepened during her internship in the Office of European Parliament in Athens. Finally, her scientific research interests include the European affairs in all of their extent. Her research skills and scientific focus are indicated in her recent publication for the Illegal Immigration and European Policy in the European Centre of Excellence Jean Monnet (University of Athens) with which she is establishing a relation as an active researcher.