Jean Monnet Project IncludU focus on EU fundamental values of equality, tolerance and non-discrimination and aims to familiarize pupils with them through interactive and experiential workshops and innovative educational material combining ICTs, gaming, art and fertile exchange of ideas and experiences.

IncludU also is designed to create an interactive learning environment where universities, Lyceums from various regions of Greece, youth NGOs, municipalities, regional authorities, cultural organizations, artists, volunteers, and students will promote the establishment of focal points within the schools which, theretofore, will act as multipliers for spreading values and knowledge gained towards their local societies.

Moreover, the Jean Monnet Project IncludU will blend senior citizens and migrants who experienced the repercussions of discrimination and displacement with youngsters in order to raise their awareness on the importance of an Open and Democratic Europe.

Objectives - activities - main outputs - outcomes and impact including indicators of achievement


The project intends to:

  • raise awareness on EU values and inclusion policies
  • help young people to acquire social, civic and intercultural competences along with inclusion skills
  • promote intercultural dialogue through interactive and experiential forms of learning
  • support inclusive education and equal opportunities for all young people
  • enhance teachers’ personal and professional development
  • promote peer learning and the exchange and dissemination of good practices within schools and towards society
  • develop synergies with different level and types of education on EU issues and values
  • provoke the interaction among a variety of institutions and policy makers
  • spread information on EU issues and to develop innovative educational material and tools to address the needs of youngsters in order to assist them better understand EU and its core policies and values.
  • elaborate proposals addressed to the policy-makers in order to activate them towards inclusive education dimension within the curricula.
  • motivate pupils to become multipliers of the EU values within schools and their local societies

The project team will follow an interdisciplinary, innovative and interactive approach for making EU subjects and values more attractive to youngsters.