The University of Piraeus MUN team is responsible for structuring and preparing students’ delegations for Models of United Nations and Simulations of European Institutions (e.g. European Parliament). Our association was established in 2010 and continues its successful path up until today, being the only Greek MUN University Team that functions on a systematic basis. We take on organizing and delegate preparation for more than 10 conferences annually in Greece as well as the outland, with notable distinctions and awards for our delegates not only as participants but also as board members of these conferences. The team is run by our Executive Board which takes on the accomplishment of our activities. Additionally, the University of Piraeus MUN Team collaborates –since its establishment- with other bodies and associations so as to participate in various activities, other than simulations, in the realm of university studies such as U4EU and IncludU. In 2016, our collaborations expanded with us taking part (as Rapporteurs) in the International World Speech Day event in Athens, as well as with our presence in events of the Athens Democracy Forum, which were co-organsied among others by the New York Times. Our aim is to annually increase the number of students who get involved in their field of studies through the experiential nature of international conferences, in which they acquire the chance to participate, while getting to understand practically the way of functioning and the decision making processes of the International and European Institutions simulated. Moreover we aim to promote volunteering and participation in activities that move beyond University studies and establish the idea that we can be active citizens of Europe as well as the International Community.

Address: Karaoli & Dimitriou Str. 80, Piraeus, 185 34

Tel..: 6983016398


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