includuWith dynamic participation and promises for the future, was completed on 2 and 3 February in Thessaloniki, the two-day educational action "IncludU" on the promotion of European values among young people for an open and democratic Europe, organized by the Jean Monnet Chair in European Policies for Education, Training, Research and Innovation, of the University of Piraeus in collaboration with the department of Educational Broadcasting of the Ministry of Education, Research and Religious Affairs, the Jean Monnet Chair of University of Aegean, the Europe Direct Information Centre of the Municipality of Thessaloniki and the Experimental School of Thessaloniki.

The action was part of the European Erasmus + - Jean Monnet "Include European Union Values" program with scientific coordinator Dr. Foteini Asderaki, Assistant Professor of the Department of International and European Studies, University of Piraeus. At the heart of the program are lying the fundamental values of the European Union, the respect for human dignity, freedom, democracy, equality and human rights for all European citizens, including those belonging to minorities.

The content of the program included, among other things, information about the European Union as well as general discussion on current challenges for Europe's future and problems fueled by the current crisis, such as the refugee crisis, social inclusion, youth unemployment and social inequalities.

Students and teachers had the opportunity to interact with Erasmus students and have an open conversation with a teacher and her family from Syria as well as participate in a series of interactive and experiential workshops and simulation exercises organized by students of the International and European Studies Department and members of the youth organizations AEGEE, JEF, MUN group, ESN and AISEC.
The teacher training included the creation of visual collage with messages of support for the refugees, which they published massively in public view at the end of the event.
Upon completion of the event, the students expressed their satisfaction both for the content of the program and the newfound experience as well as their desire to participate in similar future actions.

His support to such activities expressed, on behalf of the Municipality of Thessaloniki, the vice mayor Mr Spyros Pegkas, who stressed the importance of youth information on the contribution of Greece's participation in the EU, the European course and the achievements of the past few years.
On his part, the Regional Director of Primary and Secondary Education of Central Macedonia Mr Panagiotis G. Ananiadis, emphasized the important role of such European programs in boosting the extroversion that characterizes the education policy of our country and that is one of the main axes of the strategy towards the constantly improving quality of knowledge.

The two-day training seminar was the first of a total of three taking place across the country, that aim to create an interactive environment through which universities, schools, youth non-governmental organizations, municipalities, regional authorities, cultural organizations, volunteers and students will become aware, discuss and participate in constructing an even more familiar, democratic and globally oriented Europe, united in its cultural diversity and enriched through it, developing in this way the concept of the EU citizenship. The main concern is to foster a sense of European identity, based on common values, history and culture, which will help young people to approach the European Union and to improve mutual understanding between European citizens through respecting and promoting cultural and linguistic diversity, while contributing to intercultural dialogue.

The educational seminar involved a total of 121 students and 30 teachers from 7 secondary education institutions of the Macedonia region and a College from Albania.